ROCKBROS Bicycle Cushion Cover Bike Seat Cover Breathable Road Mountain Bike Saddle Seat Cushion Silicon Cover

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SKU: LF047-S

This is a seat cover, not a seat.

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Product Details:

Condition: New


Color: Black

Size: L:280mm x 160mm, M:260mmx 140mm

Product location: China

Material: Silicone, Lycra Fiber, Spong

Feature:Made of silicone,lycra fiber and sponge to keep your hip soft when you cycling Get you a great feeling while riding Size fits for kinds of bikes Fashion Design for your choise

Design Story:

Jim, the designer and cycling enthusiasts, he carried out a 300 km ride in 2016. The following day, his buttocks ached because of bad traffic conditions. So he prepared to use saddle cover to shock absorption. But this ordinary cushion covers will slide around during the ride, can not be well fixed. And the damping effect because there is no silicone layer is not ideal. After the event, he designed this item, innovating a fixed system that greatly enhanced shock absorption and breathability. This product was born. After a month, he took a second ride. All the saddle problems have been solved.

NOTE : the item is LF047 Model ,have Small size and Big size

Customer Reviews

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Pretty good item to have on your seat as a ride anything between 40 to 80 on weekends so I definitely recommend it. Thanks