5 Must Buy Cycling Accessories of 2024

Written by: Nick Feng



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5 Cycling Accessories You Must Buy For Your 2024

We have you covered. We know options can be overwhelming and confusing. So we've broken down our list to just 5 options. Making it our must buy list. 

Buying Cycling Accessories is arguably just as exciting as a new bike. That's why we've made a list of our top 5 Rockbros cycling accessories for 2024

We've collated this list based on reviews, popularity, general appeal and relevance. At ROCKBROS, you are our priority and when we recommend we mean it. These really are our MUST BUY accessories for 2024

This list doesn't discriminate. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, these accessories are aimed to enhance the cycling experience for any level. 

Here's Our List

1. Rockbros-Ultralight Polarised Sunglasses - $39.99

There's a reason these are one of our bestsellers. These beauties comes at a low price of $39.99. But don't t let the price fool you. These sunglasses come equipped with a build exceeding its price range

To quote a customer: 

"Love these sunnies, great lenses that are super clear which I genuinely couldn’t believe and they’re super light weight which makes them great for sports. They are the make of $250 glasses but at 1/5 the cost!"

- Dylan H. 

Key Features:

1. Polarised lens with UV400 protection

2. Stylised TR90 full frame design and wider vision

3. Scratch Resistant Coating

2. Rockbros Half Finger Gloves - $19.99

Did someone say half finger gloves? We did!

Summer is here! And those full finger gloves are going to work up a sweat. Keep your fingers refreshed and your hands safe with our half finger gloves.

Our cycling half finger gloves feature a Gel Liquid Silicone and SBR palm padding, along with a Double Shock Absorption design that effectively protects your hands and prevents finger numbness during cycling. The use of Lycra fabric ensures a comfortable and breathable experience, making these gloves suitable not only for mountain biking but also for activities like hiking, running, and gym fitness. To put it simple, these cover all bases and at beautifully low cost. 

Key Features

1. Gel Liquid Silicone and SBR palm padding for enhanced comfort and protection.

2. Double Shock Absorption design to prevent finger numbness during cycling.

3. Lycra fabric for a comfortable and breathable experience.

4. Versatile use, suitable for mountain biking, hiking, running, and gym fitness.

3. Mini Bike Bell - $24.99

Be heard! This miniature, tiny, miniscule bell may be small. But it packs a punch. Exceeding volume greater than 75DB it will be hard not hear you. 

This little beast is made out of stainless steel, giving it a refined sharp look. As well our product line features multiple colour ways including silver, gold, black and bright silver, so there's an option for everyone.

Key Features:

1. Fit For Any Bike

2. Extremely loud & clear sound

3. Volume:>75DB (International Standard)

4. Ultra Lightweight Flat Bike Pedals - $49.99

Whether you're a dedicated weekend dirt rider or an occasional weekday commuter, these ultra-lightweight flat-style bicycle pedals are an excellent choice for reducing bike weight and providing a smooth and stable riding experience. Crafted with a robust CNC aluminium alloy construction, the ROCKBROS Ultra Lightweight Flat Bike Pedals are designed to withstand any rough riding you subject them

Key Features:

1. Ultra lightweight construction to save riding energy (Under 300g for the pair)

2. CNC Aluminium alloy makes them lightweight and durable

3. Anti-skid grip studs prevent your feet from slipping

4. Sealed DU bearings prevent dust and water from getting in

5. Simple and easy to install

6. Available in black, blue, and red to match your bike's aesthetics

5.Bike Stand With Adjustable Width - $79.99

Stuck for space? Bike scratches eating at your fresh paint coat? We have you covered. Our Adjustable width bike stand allows for a fitting of most bicycle models. It has an opening with of 30-80mm. As well this stand features interlocking assembly, making assembly easy for any on the go travels.

Key Features:

1. Built-in Adjustable Parking Stand designed for Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes.
2. Compatible with a wide range of bicycle models, accommodating wheel sizes with an opening width of 30-80mm.
3. Features an Interlocking Assembly for easy disassembly, eliminating the need to lean bikes against walls.
4. Modular Support system enhances stability, preventing tipping. The stand is constructed with a full ABS material body and includes slip-resistant cushions for added safety.

1. Rockbros UV400 Sunglasses