ROCKBROS Bicycle Cycling Sunglasses Polarized Photochromic 2 Lens Interchangeable

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Product Information

Name:Interchangeable cycling glasses
Material:TR90 frame+ TAC polarizer +PC color-changing film
Transmittance:Polarizer transmittance 15.22% (Cat.3)
Net weight≈29g (polarized model) / ~31g (color-changing model)
Myopia frame:Send myopia frame

Interchangeable Piece Full Frame Cycling Glasses

High-definition large lens / no pressure to wear / detachable full frame

Product Information

Polarised + Photochromic Free Blending

Equipped with a pair of black and red polarized lenses and a pair of PC photochromic lenses Choose the appropriate lens according to the environment

Introduction To Lens Function

The functions of the two pairs of lenses are different, and the appropriate lens can be selected according to the actual situation

TAC Polarized Lenses Give You A Clear Vision

Ensure a clear view by filtering reflected light or glare from road surfaces, water, snow, glass, etc.

Cat.3 Class Transmittance No Fear Of Strong Sunlight

Tested by the national standard, the transmittance of the polarizer is 15.22%, and it is suitable for use in strong sunlight.

Large Frame Mirror Out Of Sight

The one-piece large lens can not only provide a better visual experience, but also reduce the potential safety hazards caused by damage to the sight.

Colorful Coating Dirt-Resistant Mirror

The surface of the lens is not easy to absorb fluff and dust, and it is not easy to be acid-corroded by rainwater, so it can keep the line of sight clear at all times.

All-Weather Smart Color Change

The color-changing lens can change its own color following the change of the external ultraviolet intensity. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

High Appearance High Toughness TR90 Frame

Frame and frame material are made of TR90 material, high toughness and durability, not easy to deform

Comes With Myopia Frame Myopia Is Easy To Wear

You can assemble the myopia lens by yourself, and then clip it into the frame for riding. The recommended degree of myopia is less than 400, and the degree of astigmatism is less than 200.

Free Switch Detachable Lower Bezel

It adopts soft bottom frame, which can be quickly disassembled and can be switched between full/half frame at will

Rubber Temples Does Not Hurt The Ear

The temples are made of silicone material, and the rounded edges will not easily hurt the skin. There is a honeycomb sweat-wicking texture on the inside to keep the ears dry.

Whole Body Lightweight Comfortable To Wear

The overall weight of the glasses is only about 29 grams, which is comfortable to wear and does not increase the burden on both ears

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Carl Grossetti
Great value riding glasses

These glasses - with two sets of lenses are good value and do the job well. The photochromatic
Lenses are great for early morning (in the dark) rides and provide good tint as the sun rises. The interchangeable polarised Lenses are perfect for normal riding. Good size lenses and clear
Viz when down in the drops. They fit my POC helmets perfectly

Daniel Oakman
Comfortable but…

Barely perceptible change in photo chromatic lens. Polarized lens okay. Feel I got burned here. Oh now on sale.🙄

Dragan Djukic
Very good cycling glasses

Light weight, clear vision, great in cutting out glare. Photochromic lens works really well, so I could go out early in the morning when I needed clear lens, and as it got lighter and sunny, the lens did what it is supposed to do - got dark. Highly recommend.

Joseph McCue
Great surprise.

Fantastic value for money . Two sets of lenses.
The photochromic lens are great for transition from day to night riding.
They sit good on your head and you can hardly feel you are wearing a pair.

Tim Martin

So happy with my purchase. So functional, comfortable and stylish!