About Rockbros

With a wealth of experience spanning more than a decade in the field of riding equipment, ROCKBROS wholeheartedly commits to creating each product with advanced innovative technology, a thoughtful service system, and a cultural concept focused on global development. Our aim is to infuse every partner and consumer with a sense of warmth and genuine care through our dedication and ingenuity.


Why affiliate with ROCKBROS:

At ROCKBROS we are devoted to sharing your passion and love for cycling. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fixy fanatic or mtb mogul we want you! By joining us you get access to over 10 years’ experience in the cycling world and our ROCKBROS network. But it doesn’t stop there. Getting affiliated with us, means getting rewarded for your passion.

Some of the benefits of the ROCKBROS Australia affiliate program:

  • 10% commission rate on sales
  • 30 day cookie duration
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions
  • Affiliate tools offered by Avant link cover everything from Banner Ads to Data feeds and More



How It Works

Step 1

Apply to AvantLink, ROCKBROS affiliate network partner.

Step 2

Complete the application for the Rockbros.com.au program.

Step 3

Once approved, post a rockbros.com.au on your site.

Step 4

Send customers to rockbros.com.au through your links and you will be paid for completed sales via AvantLink.

Step 5

Track your clicks and commissions through AvantLink interface.