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Australia's vast landscapes offer some of the most stunning and diverse cycling routes in the world. From the rugged coastlines to the serene outback, each ride promises a unique adventure. However, the key to unlocking the full potential of these experiences lies in choosing the right cycling accessories. This guide, brought to you by ROCKBROS, will walk you through selecting the ideal gear for your Australian cycling journey, ensuring you're prepared for anything the road throws your way.

Introduction to Cycling in Australia

Cycling in Australia is not just a pastime; it's an exploration. The continent's varied climate and terrain make it crucial to select accessories that can handle the specific challenges of your chosen path. Whether it’s the coastal breezes of the Great Ocean Road or the dusty tracks of the Outback, the right gear will enhance your ride.

At ROCKBROS, we tailor to you. Bringing you high quality cycling accessories at a margin of the cost. Allowing you to enjoy doing what you love, all at an affordable price. 

Understanding Your Cycling Needs

Assessing Your Adventure Type

Your journey begins with understanding the type of cycling you plan to do. Are you hitting paved roads, rugged trails, or perhaps a mix of both? Your terrain choice directly influences the accessories you'll need. For instance, mountain bikers require more robust, protective gear, while road cyclists prioritize aerodynamics and lightweight options. 

Weather and Terrain Impact

Australia's weather can be as varied as its landscapes. Preparing for sudden weather changes by choosing versatile, weather-resistant accessories is vital. Similarly, the terrain dictates the need for specific tires, protective gear, and even the type of hydration systems. 

What Will Your Ride Be Like

Like above your adventure will play a role in your needs. If you're planning on a bike bike packing journey across the beautiful great ocean road, things like panniers to keep all your stuff secured, high vis and safety accessories so you can stay seen on the curvy roads. 

Must Have Products For Beginners

Essential ROCKBROS Accessories for Australian Cyclists

1. Safety First: Helmets, Gloves, and Eyewear

Safety should never be compromised. A well-fitted ROCKBROS helmet, durable gloves, and UV-protective eyewear are non-negotiables, providing protection without sacrificing comfort.

2. Touring Essentials: Bags and Racks

For the long-haul adventurers, efficient storage solutions like ROCKBROS waterproof bags and sturdy carrier racks are essential for carrying supplies without hindering your ride.

3. The Right Clothing and Footwear

Comfort on long rides begins with the right base layers, breathable jerseys, and padded shorts. Footwear should offer a balance between efficiency and comfort, suitable for walking during breaks or unexpected dismounts. A note on shoes, if you're new to cycling we recommend the following blog

4. Bike Fit: Pedals and Saddles

Customizing your bike fit with the right pedals and saddles can drastically improve ride quality and efficiency. ROCKBROS offers a range of options to suit various riding styles and preferences. Whether your looking for a leisurely cruise or a more intense ride we have you covered all at an affordable price.

If you want a comprehensive review on some of our pedals we suggest the following YouTube video:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must-have ROCKBROS accessories for a cycling trip in Australia?

Essentials include a sturdy helmet, weather-appropriate clothing, a reliable hydration system, and navigational tools for the varied Australian terrain.

How do I choose the right size and fit for my cycling accessories?

Measure accurately and consult ROCKBROS sizing guides. Consider adjustable options for a more personalized fit.

Can ROCKBROS gear withstand the harsh Australian weather?

Yes, ROCKBROS designs its products to handle extreme conditions, from scorching heat to sudden downpours.

Where can I share my Australian cycling adventure experiences with ROCKBROS gear?

Join the ROCKBROS community on social media to share stories, tips, and photos of your adventures.

Navigational Tools for the Australian Outback

Extra Tools for your journey

GPS, Maps & Navigation

When venturing into less-travelled paths, a reliable GPS device or detailed maps are invaluable. They not only keep you on track but also enhance your exploration experience. There are many different ways you can go here. Relying on a phone GPS leaves you safe in times where service is available. If you are going really offroad your best bet is satellite GPS which only rely on being able to point it at the sky.

Hydration and Nutrition on the Go

Maintaining hydration and energy is crucial. Hydration packs like camelbak's and similar will keep easy access to water. As well, if you don't want to dismount and stay energised you can use gel energy packs. There are heaps of options in this market but at the end of the day it's whatever suits your own personal needs.

Safety Gear for Every Australian Adventure

Visibility and preparedness can significantly impact your safety. Reflective wear and lights are essential for early morning or late evening rides, while a well-stocked repair kit will keep you rolling through minor mishaps. What sort of items can you keep a lookout for? 

1) Bike reflectors

2) High Vis accessories

3) Lights including tail front and headlight

4) Bells

5) Helmets


As you gear up for your next Australian cycling adventure, remember that the right accessories not only enhance your experience but also ensure your safety and comfort. ROCKBROS is here to accompany you on every ride, offering gear that meets the unique demands of Australian landscapes. Embrace the journey with confidence, knowing you're well-prepared for the road ahead.

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