ROCKBROS Bicycle Saddle 3D Printed Saddle Shock Absorption Lightweight MTB Road Bike Seat Riding Equipment

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SKU: 38210030001
  • Details:
  • Brand:ROCKBROS
  • Product name:3D saddle
  • Model number:38210030001,38210031001
  • Surface material:carbon braze vitamin ester
  • Size:~14*6*24.5cm
  • Net Weight:~207g(38210030001),~183g(38210031001)
  • Suitable bicycle:MTB,RB
  • Warranty:90 days

Product Features:

  1. 3D priting technology,shockproof,decompression,ventilation and strong resilience,make the rider feel comfortable after riding for a long time
  2. Integrated zonal shock absorption,strengthen the support at the supporting seat,design relatively soft and stable behind the cushion with less pressure
  3. Elastic lattice springback structure,improve stability and reduce soft tissue pressure
  4. Streamlined design,ride comfort without grinding legs
  5. Carbon brazing sit bow,not easy to deform.side with toughness mark,wasy to adjust and install seat cushion
  6. Lightweight material,the overall weight is only about 207g,reducing the burden on the bike body

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