ROCKBROS Touch Switch Bike Rear Light MTB Bicycle Taillight Brake Sensing USB-C

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SKU: 24720006001
Name: Smart Brake Tail Light
Material: ABS+PC
Weight: Tail light about 42g 
Warranty: 1 year
Tips: Please charge before first use
Tips: There is a switch near the charge port, turn it on to launch Touch Switch Function


  1. Synchronous mode,ideal for group rides,the taillights automatically switch to when the same taillights get close
  2. Upgrade touch-sensitive switch,no button design,switch the modes by touching the center of the lampshade
  3. Brake sensing,the taillight automatically brightens when brake or slow dow,safer for night riding
  4. 6 light modes and low battery warning,single-touch the switch to change the illumination mode
  5. Light-sensitive smart mode,lights up or sleep depend on the light brightness
  6. Type-C charging,more convenient to charge and check the ramaining battery with the side ring light
  7. Two installation methods,can be installed according to your need

Switch sensing

  1. Unpack and remove the tail light.Open the USB cover and toggle the power switch (transportation switch).
  2. After turning on the power switch,use the touch switch at the top center of the red lampshade.

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