【ROAD TO SKY&VIVK】by ROCKBROS and VIVK Compact Multi-Use Bike Tool Set - Fits in Handlebars

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Our ROAD TO SKY by ROCKBROS and VIVK Compact Multi-Use Bike Tool Set is designed for tightening your bike hex-fittings instantly. Featuring three hex keys, a torx (star-shaped), and a chain splitter. This tool set is ideal if your handlebars, chain, or seat needs a quick adjustment, tightening, or repair. Fitting neatly into your road bike's handlebars for safe transportation on your weekend ride.

Key Features:

  • Handy multi-use tool set with three hex keys (3/4/5mm), a torx (star-shaped), and a chain remover
  • Made from a rugged aluminium alloy
  • One part of the tool fits into another for increased leverage
  • Fits neatly inside your road bike handlebars

Hides in Your Handlebars

Our innovative design allows the toolset neatly fit inside road bike handlebars, ensuring a clutter-free ride with fewer accessories in your pockets. Experience the freedom of cycling with greater convenience and organization as you confidently tackle any repairs or adjustments while on the go.

Three Useful Hex Keys

Featuring three different-sized hex-shaped Allen keys and a torx head for adjusting various parts of your road bike, including the seat and handlebars. Making it easy and convenient to adjust, tighten and untighten the parts of your bike. Plus, our bike multi-tool arrives with a chain remover if you need to remove or repair your bike's chain.

Extra Leverage Design

To get extra leverage in your turn, screw one part of the bike tool to the other. This gives you more turning power when unscrewing rusty or stuck hex screws.

ROAD TO SKY by ROCKBROS and VIVK Compact Multi-Use Bike Tool Set Specifications:

  • Type: 5-piece multi-tool that fits into your handlebars
  • Model: VK-KC10
  • Function: 3 different-sized hex keys, a torx (star-shaped), and a chain remover
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Tool Side Size: 70mm
  • Tool Side Weight: 47g
  • Chain Remover Size: 60mm
  • Chain Remover Weight: 28g

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