Introducing our mighty double LED ROCKBROS Bike Front Headlight with mobile charging capabilities. Not only does this bright bike headlight illuminate the way ahead up to 300 metres, but it can also be removed from its fixing quickly to act as a handheld torch. And you can use it to charge up your mobile phone. Its multi-functional capabilities mean you shouldn't ride off without one.

Key Features:

  • Twin LED Super Bright Front Bike Light upto 850 Lumens
  • 300-metre range for a clear visibility
  • Three light modes for different daytime conditions - low / medium / high
  • Three alternative operational modes - burst flash / slow flash / SOS
  • Highly waterproof - keeps the rain off in wet riding conditions
  • USB rechargeable battery that gives 3 - 16 hours light time
  • Remove from your bike and use as a handheld torch
  • Keeps your mobile phone battery charged

Serious Bike Headlight

Designed for serious riders. Whether you're a mountain bike extraordinaire, road bike riding ravager, or just a daily pedaller, our ROCKBROS Bike Front Headlight with Mobile Charging BC29 is the ultimate in lightening your way, even in the darkest of nights. Featuring twin LEDs, the ROCKBROS front light can be single or twin mounted for those that love off-roading.

Moreover, its tough aviation-grade aluminium construction makes this bike a durable and rugged unit, whatever the riding conditions.

Six Lighting Modes

This ROCKBROS Bike Front Headlight 850LM with Mobile Charging BC29 has six lighting variations for all riding conditions. You can also burst flash, slow flash, and SOS, as well as the standard low, medium, and high brightness settings. Giving you plenty of options for your weekend adventure.

Twin Install Option

It can be fixed to your handlebars with a single bracket. Or, for those that love to swing their bike about, a double bracket. Holding the ROCKBROS Bike Front Headlight with Mobile Charging BC29 strong while you're bouncing around the dirt.

Multiple Functionality

As well as a top-class front bicycle light, the ROCKBROS Bike Front Headlight BC29 can be removed to use as a powerful torch. You can also use the power in your light to charge up your mobile device. Making this one of the best front bike lights you could ever lay your hands on.

ROCKBROS Bike Front Headlight 850LM with Mobile Charging BC29 Specifications:

  • Brand: ROCKBROS
  • Model: BC29
  • Type: Front bike headlight with charging capabilities
  • Colour: Black
  • Light Colour: White
  • Modes: low / medium / high
  • Other modes: burst flash / slow flash / SOS
  • Other options: Mobile phone charging capabilities
  • Battery: USB Rechargeable
  • Battery Life: 10 - 74 hrs(10000mAh)
  • Waterproof: IPX6
  • Material: Avaition aluminium
  • Weight: 268g
  • Size (H x W x D): 117x 50 x 29 mm
ROCKBROS Bike Front Headlight 850LM with Mobile Charging BC29 1000mAh

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Damien Didier

Powerfull light and big battery. A bit heavy, obviously.

Andrew Lee

Great product. May attract more attention if the title is corrected from 1,000mAh to 10,000mAh.

Compact Bicycle Headlight

High powered, multi-function light with wide, diffuse
beam for mid to distant illumination. Can easily be
removed from bike and used as handheld torch. Well
made, sturdy construction with easy-to-use single
control button. Has warning light to show low battery
stages. Well recommended at economical price.