ROCKBROS- Unbreakable Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

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Rockbros has been specialized in bicycle cycling accessories for many years and focused on a variety of glasses, ranging from polarized, UV400-protection sunglasses to night vision glasses and sports cycling goggles/glasses.

Polarized lenses have a filter that reduces glare from reflecting surfaces which interfere with vision. They can be highly useful for sports, driving, and fishing by helping you to see more clearly. They provide premium protection against the sun's harmful rays.

Polycarbonate is the extraordinarily durable thermoplastic that's used in bullet proof glass, riot shields and astronaut helmets. It's the ideal material for performance eyewear because of its high impact resistance, inherent UV protection and light weight.

Package contains:
1 * glasses case,
1 * glasses cloth,
1 * glasses bag,
1 * glasses rope,
1 * glasses band,
1 * polarized lens test card,
1 pair of polarized lenses,
4 pairs of interchangeable original (Not polarized). lenses
1* Inner frame for shorsighted lenses.

Never use alcohol or any other chemicals to clean the lens to avoid surface broken.
Never leave your sunglasses under car's front window, especially in summer. Prolonged exposure to the oven-like temperatures inside a car can degrade the lenses.
  • UV400 protection lens, fully blocks harmful UVA,UVB radiations up To 400 nanometers. Restores vivid colour and eliminates glares.
  • With adjustable designing features, the nose pads will let your noes feel comfortable while wearing sports sunglasses/goggles. It allows you to modify airflow and ventilation behind the lens by providing the ability to increase or decrease the space between the glasses and your face.
  • This polarized sunglasses for outdoor sports is made out of TR90 thermoplastic material, very light-weight and flexible features enable you a long-time wearing without fatigue.
  • There are 5 different interchangeable lenses will show different shadows and colours before your eyes, giving you different vision experience.
  • Ideal for motorcycle, cycling, bicycle, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing and climbing, camping, trekking or other outdoor activities enthusiasts.

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Sian cLARK

ROCKBROS- Unbreakable Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

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ROCKBROS- Unbreakable Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

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Quick and easy.

Rusty Nails
Rockbros sunglasses

Not enough time to asses yet only had them a week, they may break...