ROCKBROS 3000LM Headlight

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SKU: 24710008001

About this product:

ROCKBROS 3000LM Headlight is one of the best investments for off-road cyclists and night riders looking for a high-powered and robust light to guide them through the toughest trails and conditions. It is ultra-bright, ensuring you have a clear-cut vision of what’s ahead while marking your presence. You can easily adjust the brightness and also switch between upper and lower beams. With a long-lasting battery, impressive weather resistance, and easy mountability, it is also a very reliable choice worth the price tag. 

Key Features

  • Can be used as a headlight and power bank
  • Powerful and wide beam for optimal brightness
  • Dual light illumination
  • Durable aluminium alloy construction
  • Reliable and stable mount
  • 1PX6 for high water resistance
  • Anti-glare design to be easy on the eyes
  • Convenient brightness adjustability 
  • Power display indicating the battery level

Powerful Enough to Get You Through Pitch Black Areas

ROCKBROS 3000LM Headlight will be your best companion when riding through murky weather and uneven terrain because it delivers clear-cut visibility. There are 6 brightness adjustment options to choose from. Both low and high beams deliver a combined output of 3000 lumens. 

Durable and Extreme Weather Resistance

Constructed out of aluminium alloy, this headlight is rust-resistant and very sturdy. It has a water-resistant rating of IPX6 to handle harsh weather conditions. 

Incredible Battery Life 

Equipped with two 21700 lithium batteries, the headlight boasts a total capacity of 10000mAh and can even be used to charge your mobile phone during emergencies. 

Compact and Easy to Mount

Measuring 12 (L) x 5 (W) x 2.9 (H) cm, it is an easily portable light and can easily be mounted on your handlebar with minimal effort. 

ROCKBROS 3000LM Headlight Specifications:


Product type: Ultra-bright bike headlight

Model number: 24710008001

Shell material: Aluminium alloy

Colour: Black

Lumen: 3000LM

Lamp bead model: 3570 30W

Weight: ≈280g (Excluding accessories)

Battery model:10000mAh

Waterproof: IPX6

Warranty: 1 year

Customer Reviews

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Best light I’ve owned.

This light is bright… very bright. I’ve owned it for approximately a month and I have found it fantastic. You don’t need all the power for the roads but when you go off road without any street lighting it is awesome. The option to use it as power pack comes in very useful. I take it on day rides purely for that purpose. To be able to charge my mobile and garmin if need be.